• Event 2-Bajan Govt School, Almora, Uttrakhand

    Bajan is a village in district Almora in Kumaun, Uttrakhand. We reached out to the government school in the village and offered our support by providing stationery, school bags, books, clothes, shoes and any other item which can be helpful for a school going student. There are 70 students in the School who come from a weaker economic section of the society. The objective behind this initiative was to support kids in need to continue their education. It was our first and small effort to support society. We asked people from metro cities to come forward and support by providing aforesaid material which is not in use for them but in good condition.

  • Event 1- Massu Primary Govt. School, Almora, Uttrakhand

    Massu Primary Government School has 17 kids (3 boys and 14 girls) who come every day to this small school every day to live their journey of education. When we reached out to the school principal and expressed our interest to provide clothes, stationery, toys, and shoes, they accepted our proposal. This was our first event. When we reached the school, we were delighted to see that kids were waiting for us and wanted to meet us. We met the principal, teachers and parents. They all were happy that we thoughts of the kids and tried to help them. After kids got those dresses and toys, they had faced filled with joy and excitement. They were too young to express their happines...

  • Event 3-Donation Camp at Khobra, Almora, Uttrakhand

    Khobra is a small village in the mountains of hills located in Almora, Uttrakhand. It is a primary school of 20 students. We went to the school to interact with students and talk to them about their dreams. Some of them wanted to be a teacher, doctor, engineer etc. It was so pleasant listening to these kids who were dreaming about their future. We felt as inspiring as them after speaking to them. It was so pleasant to watch these kids studying and having dreams even in these tough conditions. We also distributed the new school bags to these kids. We got their smiles as a return gift. There were some parents who were gathered during the donation camp and really appreciatd ...

  • Event 4-Donation Camp at Binayak Sr Secondary School

    Govt. Senior Secondary School in Binayak in Almora has 171 students both boys and girls. The energy in the school at the time of the donation camp was outstanding. We decided to distributed new brand school bags and caps to all these students so that they get a basic need for education. We found that students are really energetic. We interacted with some of the students in person and they are so smart. It is not a secret now that we can very talented people in these small villages but they need the opportunities to showcase their talent to the world. We took the interviews with some of the students to understand what they feel about this event. They shared their honest fe...

  • Event 5- Donation drive at Massu Primary School

    We did our first donation camp in Massu when we distributed clothes, toys, stationery, and shoes to those kids. It was such a heart-touching experience. We promised those kids that we will come back again with additional help and here we are again. This time, helping these kids by providing new school bags and caps. We have received the same kind of response like we did the first time. These little kids are our hope for future.

  • Event 6- Amrolidhar Govt Primary School, Almora

    This is a very small school in Amrolidhar which has 6 students in the primary. This tells about the migration of locals from hills to the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and others. The number of families is very less hence the students in school are going down day by day. Despite of being in less number everyone was present on the day which shows their dedication to the study and how hard they wish to learn and grow. Hats off to them!!

  • Event 7-Supporting villagers in Ghughuti during Coronavirus

    In this difficult time of Coronavirus (COVID19) where the world is struggling with this pandemic, Amrita Devi Foundation is helping people in Uttrakhand to fight this virus. We are working in three directions. EDUCATION, SKILLS, AND SUPPORT. EDUCATION : We are educating villagers on precautions to take during this pandemic SKILLS : We are teaching women to stitch clean masks to protect themselves and their family SUPPORT : We are supporting daily wagers and other villagers by providing Grocery Kit which contains Wheat, Rice, Oil, Dal, Sugar, Tea and Soap and good enough to feed their family for 1-2 weeks We need your support to continue helping the people of Uttrakhand.