Event 2-Bajan Govt School, Almora, Uttrakhand

Donation Drive Facts

Project Facts

  • Client: Bajan Government School
  • Project Start:
  • Project End:
  • Company: Almora, Uttrakhand, India
  • Website: www.amritadevifoundation.org
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Project Detail

Bajan is a village in district Almora in Kumaun, Uttrakhand. We reached out to the government school in the village and offered our support by providing stationery, school bags, books, clothes, shoes and any other item which can be helpful for a school going student. There are 70 students in the School who come from a weaker economic section of the society.

The objective behind this initiative was to support kids in need to continue their education. It was our first and small effort to support society. We asked people from metro cities to come forward and support by providing aforesaid material which is not in use for them but in good condition.

  • Helping students in their education
  • Helping in building a more educated Uttrakhand
  • Taking non monetary support from people living in metro cities
  • Our first step towards touching lives of 100 students and their families

Donation Collection Camps

  • 1
    Sector 21D, Faridabad

    416-D, Ist Floor, Sector 21 D, Faridbad, Haryana-121001

  • 2
    Om Hotel, Delhi

    C - 15/219 Opp Dist Centre guru Nanak pura Laxmi nager, Delhi, New Delhi 110092

  • 3
    Palla, Faridabad

    H.No. 91, Palla No. 4, Tilpat Road, Faridabad

  • 4
    Vinod Nagar, Delhi

    169, 2nd Floor, Sarpanch Ka Wara, Mandawali, Delhi-110092

  • 5
    Vinod Nagar, Delhi

    169, 2nd Floor, Sarpanch Ka Wara, Mandawali, Delhi-110092

Team on this drive

Neeraj Singh

Core Committee

He is the core committee member of Amrita Devi Foundation He is a professional with 20+ years of experience in Commercial Activity :: Read More

Shobha Bisht


She is a housewife with two kids. She is living in Vinod Nagar in Delhi. She has passion to help people in need, especially from Uttrakhand. With the :: Read More

Krishna Negi


Krishna is pursuing his Bachelors in Business Administration from Dehradun. He is young and energetic. He is always ready to help others and support n :: Read More

School Testimonial

“ We have students from weaker side of the society and organization like Amrita Devi Foundation are great help to our students ”

N. S. Bisht
Bajan Govt School, Almora