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Amrita Devi Foundation completed many projects under its two wings- Amrita Devi Women's Skill Development Institute and Amrita Devi Earth Care. There are many projects that under progress as well. 

We would like to thanks to our corproate and individual donors

"Empowering Communities: Amrita Devi Foundation and iQor India Private Limited Distribute 60 Energy Efficient Stoves"

Updated: Apr 15

Energy Efficient Stove (Smokeless Chulha)


The objective of this project is to promote the use of smokeless chulhas for cooking in households. The aim is to reduce indoor air pollution, promote a cleaner environment, and improve the health of women and children in rural areas. This project will contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to clean energy, health, and the environment.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Wood Stove

Energy Efficient Wood Stoves have several benefits. They improve indoor air quality and reduce the emission of harmful pollutants. This will lead to better health outcomes for the community. Moreover, the use of Energy Efficient Wood Stove will reduce the dependency on wood for cooking, leading to reduced deforestation.

The use of Energy Efficient Wood Stoves will also lead to cost savings for the villagers, as they will require less wood for cooking. This will improve the economic condition of the community.

By implementing Energy Efficient Wood Stoves, we can reduce indoor air pollution, which is a significant cause of respiratory diseases. This project will have a positive impact on the environment and health of the local community. It can also create employment opportunities for local artisans and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

Distribution Month

 April 2023

No of Families who received the smokeless chulha


Pictures of Smokeless Chulha Distribution


Impact we have created  

(Collected the feedback from 60 villagers)  

Feedback from the families to whom Chulhas are distributed 

  • We took the feedback of 60 villagers from village Rikhani and Matela

Pictures of Feedback session from villagers of Rikhani and Matela

Educating Villagers of Rikhani and Matela on the use of Smokeless Chulha

Embracing Smokeless Chulhas for a Healthier Home. We have shared valuable information about the benefits of using smokeless chulhas in their homes. 

Making this simple change can significantly improve your health and overall well-being. 

Health Benefits:

1. Reduced Respiratory Issues

Smokeless chulhas produce minimal smoke, leading to a decrease in respiratory problems such as coughing and breathing difficulties, especially for children and the elderly.

2. Protecting Your Lungs

Traditional chulhas release harmful pollutants that can damage your lungs over time. Smokeless chulhas help in creating a cleaner environment, safeguarding your family's respiratory health.

Environmental Impact

1. Preserving Nature

Smokeless chulhas are eco-friendly, emitting fewer pollutants into the air. By using them, you contribute to the preservation of the environment, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Economic Advantages

1. Reduced Fuel Consumption

Smokeless chulhas are designed to burn fuel more efficiently, reducing the amount needed for cooking. This translates to cost savings for your family in the long run.

How to Make the Switch

1. Community Training Programs: 

Attend workshops or training sessions organized by local authorities or Amrita Devi Foundation to learn about the benefits of smokeless chulhas and how to use them effectively.

2. Financial Assistance:

You acquire smokeless chulhas at free of cost.

3. Sharing Knowledge:

Spread the word within the community. Share your positive experiences with smokeless chulhas to encourage others to make the switch.

By adopting smokeless chulhas, you not only enhance the quality of life for your family but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Let's come together as a community to embrace this positive change for the well-being of our loved ones and our environment.


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